Diving Services

Whether you require subsurface construction, inspection, maintenance or repair, Fremantle Commercial Diving offers a variety of services across a range of industries.

Construction Diving

Construction Diving

Fremantle Commercial Diving provides full solution diving and support services to the construction industry, using qualified, highly skilled personnel. We have a strong focus on client needs, and through the completion of thousands of dive contracts we have built a reputation for quality results and client satisfaction.

Commercial Underwater Inspection Diving Services

Inspection Diving

Inspection diving encompasses Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)*, Close Visual Inspection (CVI), physical inspection, subsea photography and video surveys. In response to growing industry demand for subsea NDT services, Fremantle Commercial Diving has developed a full-time team of specialist inspection divers

Subsurface Maintenance and Inspections


Submerged assets are often situated in harsh environments characterised by corrosion or heavy wave action and, like terrestrial structures, require periodic maintenance to ensure reliable performance and prevent degradation.

Specialist Inspection Diving Services


Is your organisation looking to solve problems associated with water storage and maintenance across your remote sites? Do you have potable or process water storage facilities on-site that currently have no maintenance and inspection programme?

Nitrox Diving - Nitrox Generators and Compressors

Nitrox Diving

Embracing the latest in diving technology, we have modified all of our dive spreads to be enriched-air capable, and have purchased nitrox generators and compressors capable of supplying enriched air to any of these dive spreads.

Reservoir Cleaning and Potable Water Diving


Fremantle Commercial Diving currently has 4 truck-mounted dive spreads devoted purely to reservoir cleaning and potable water diving. These spreads are fully self contained units comprising of a full commercial dive spread, high-end video systems

Biosecurity and Marine Inspection


For over 35 years, Fremantle Commercial Diving has been providing a reliable, comprehensive and high quality service to the shipping industry using experienced personnel. This includes emergency response throughout Western Australia 24/7.

Underwater Swimming Pool Repairs

Swimming Pool Repairs

For over 20 years Fremantle Commercial Diving has been using specialised techniques developed in-house to perform underwater repairs and maintenance to salt and chlorine swimming pools. The benefits of not having to drain a pool to perform works can be enormous, especially if the pool is large. With a small area sectioned off

Subsea Marine Salvage Service


Fremantle Commercial Diving offers a sophisticated salvage service incorporating the latest in side-scanning, video and diving technology.  Our subsea imaging technology allows us to easily locate and define target objects such as vessels, anchors or chain without the need for diver seabed searching.