Fremantle Commercial Diving have successfully completed thousands of dive contracts. A small subsection of projects showing a diversity of industries and client requirements is shown here.

Emergency Ship Repairs

Emergency Ship Repairs - Atlantis Australia

In late June 2012 the heavy lift vessel EIT Palmina encountered problems off the WA coast. The vessel's propeller shaft had sheared inside the housing, rendering the vessel inoperable. An ocean going tug was sent to rescue the vessel and towed it into Fremantle Harbour. With the vessel safely alongside, Fremantle Commercial Diving and Atlantis

Desalination Plant Works

Desalination Plant Works - Southern Seawater Alliance

Throughout 2013 and 2014, Fremantle Commercial Diving conducted works to Western Australia's largest desalination plant, operated and maintained by the Southern Seawater Alliance. The scope of works included subsea inspection, dredging, demolition, repairs and structural subsea grouting in confined spaces on existing structures.

Desalination Plant Maintenance

Desalination Plant Maintenance - Perth Seawater Alliance

Since 2009 Fremantle Commercial Diving have been the sole suppliers of diving services to the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant located at Kwinana, Western Australia. With sea based components subject to demanding environmental conditions and affecting the output of entire system, regular diving services are an important element

Tank Leak Detection

Tank Leak Detection - Monadelphous

In March, 2014 Fremantle Commercial Diving were requested to assist with the reline of a 25 million litre water tank at a remote WA mine site. A project to reline the tank was nearing completion; however minimal leaking persisted from the footing ring with the cause unable to be located.