ROV Services

ROV Inspection

Fremantle Commercial Diving offers high quality ROV inspection services for both potable and non-potable applications.  We maintain completely separate ROV units for potable and non-potable jobs and the units are physically tagged to indicate their purpose and avoid cross contamination.  Our full time, qualified ROV technician maintains our robotics fleet and helps engineer innovative solutions to specific client needs.  We can offer high definition 1920 x 1080p inspection footage of underwater assets including tank roof internals using specialised equipment.  ROVs can also be fitted with the following equipment for specific applications:

  • Multi beam or laser scanners
  • Ultrasonic thickness NDT probes (metal thicknessing)
  • Bathycorrometers (cathodic potential readings)
  • Pipe trackers
  • Sediment profiling equipment
  • Sediment sampling equipment

All our ROV services are backed up by comprehensive diving support whenever required and jobs that require the integration of both diving and ROV can be planned and executed in-house by one dedicated team with a single point of contact for the client.