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Management Systems

Health and Safety Health and Safety is a fundamental value at Fremantle Commercial Diving, we are committed to maintaining a culture of safety at all levels and to remain progressive […]

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FCD execute considerable amounts of work each year cleaning and inspecting water tanks. The design and condition of these tanks is variable, and not all tanks have inbuilt fall arrest […]

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Safety Leadership

At FCD we believe that safety doesn’t happen by accident. A healthy safety culture requires constant and ongoing work in targeted areas. This is why we have implemented our Safety […]

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Enriched Gas

Embracing the latest in diving technology, all of our diving systems at FCD are enriched gas capable. We have invested significantly in the latest generation nitrox generators and compressors capable […]

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Camera Systems

At FCD we are passionate about delivering clear, meaningful and transparent data to our clients. Our primary tool in capturing this data is through the use of underwater HD video […]

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Field support

At FCD we have been executing work in remote locations for over 35 years and we understand that success requires both meticulous planning and extensive resourcing. That is why FCD […]

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